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March 2022 - March 2023
Campaign Recap
“O.Y.E.has been a great marketing tool for our practice to bring in new patients”
Dr. Kerry Gelb
“Not only does our patients love the content, our staff looks forward to the new shows and posts every month”
Dr. Jeff Case
“I like the convenience of not having to post, and the content is good!”
Dr. Kyle Sexton
“We love the content so far. Huge upgrade from what I had"
Dr. Steven Lutz
“Patients are commenting on my new social media presence”
Dr. William Fox
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Do It Yourself

*$599.99 per Additional Office Location*


Includes full social media management.


*$799.99 per Additional Office Location*

Pricing Packages

* one-time onboarding fee of $149 at start of subscription.

Subscription Terms & Conditions

By subscribing, the subscriber acknowledges that they are receiving copyrighted content exclusively owned and created by O.Y.E. Broadcasting and can be used by subscriber for the sole purpose to enhance, market and expand its practice and entertain its patients in all forms of media. Subscriber further acknowledges and agrees to not share paid and exclusive content beyond its employees, patients and prospective patients with any other vision care doctor or specialist without the express written consent of O.Y.E. Broadcasting. All copyright laws apply.