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Our Mission

Reframe optometry in the eyes of the world by creating a unified message for optometrists to share with their patients.


Growing patient visits by educating the public on the importance of an in-office eye exam.


Reach the younger generation directly where they communicate, through social media.

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Full Length Documentary
Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes follows Dr. Kerry Gelb and Influencer Chris Maraboli into the future of health. This feature-length documentary explores how America became so sick and how optometrists can now see almost 300 systemic diseases in the eye. The film delivers the resounding message that the eye holds the secrets to our hidden health.

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Executive Director
Wayne Chesler

Wayne is a two-time Emmy award winning filmmaker. He has written, produced and directed a diverse slate of programming and  documentaries in the health and wellness space and Family Entertainment. His critically acclaimed 2011, film Cut Poison Burn  examined the cancer  industry and most recently, “Optometry’s film, ”Open Your Eyes has been released in 43 countries through Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.


In 2022, he launched O.Y.E. Technology and  Broadcasting, The company creates original relatable “scientific entertainment” for the vision community to share with heir patients through social media and in-office presentations. It’s mission is to help deliver a more unified message for optometry, enhance and expand optometric practices and reach the millennials through social media on the importance of an in-office exam.

Portrait of O.Y.E. Broadcasting Marketing Director Wayne Chesler
Media Director
Chris Maraboli

Chris is marketing strategist and media producer. He has worked with organizations, individuals and NGOs to boost their visibility and sales through social media, email marketing, and earned media platforms. He has a proven track record of  growing the online presence of his clients through his dynamic strategies.


He is the co-host of the documentary Open Your Eyes, available in 43 countries through Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Chris is also the media director at O.Y.E. Broadcasting, the emerging leader in social media for the eye care community.

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